It was in the first decade of the present century that the Co-operative movement made its advent into India; and the Bangalore City Co-operative Society. Ltd., was the earliest symptom of the people of the Mysore state having realized the enormous benefits that could be derived from the movement. On the 25th December 1904 some in the sanskrit college fort, under the presidency of Mr. K. S. Chandreshekhara Aiyer, B.A., B.L. (now Rajamantrapravina, Diwan Bahadur), and launched this institution. The Society was registered on the 8th December 1905 under the Mysore Co-operative Societies’ Regulation III of 1905.

It is remarkable fact that the first Honarary Secretary of thes institution, Mr. M. Shama Rao, M.A., a high officer in Government service, should have been appointed by the Government as the first Registrar of Co-operative Societies in Mysore; and still more remarkable that he was allowed by Government to continue as a member of the committee of management of this institution even as Registrar.

Many other officers of government have also taken active part in the management of the society as office-bearers, of whom may be mentioned the name of Mr. N. Venkatesa Iyengar, B.a., retired meteorological reporter to government, who continued to be on the directorate uninterruptedly  for nearly the Silver Jubilee period and has thus the highest record of active service to this institution.

The Government also, from the very beginning, exempted all the co-operative societies in the State from payment of registration fee and stamp duty payable on account of bonds to be executed in their favour by its members. This shows clearly the great interest evinced by the government in the promotion of the co-operative movement in the State. Thus, this society was started under very favourable auspices; and before the close of the first year it had on its rolls 222 members holding  380 shares.

But like many infants in the first year of their existence, this infant institution underwent a serious crisis.